The Gold Standard for the Energy Transition

The Past Cannot Sustain Our Future

Long Term Solutions Require Greater Vision

Realizing Economical and Ecological Empowerment

We Are Transitioning
to a Fossil Fuel Free World

Introducing the Gold Standard
of Energy Evolution

Gold Hydrogen™ is a low-carbon fuel source that reshapes the world’s transition away from fossil fuels. Extracted from existing oil and gas sites that would have otherwise been abandoned, Gold Hydrogen makes inexpensive, eco-friendly hydrogen more accessible to refineries, power plants, and everyone seeking to meet their environmental—and financial—goals


Hydrogen is the next big market but producing it cleanly is very expensive.

The world all agrees that hydrogen is an enormous piece to the next industrial revolution, but everyone wants clean hydrogen to pave the way. Hydrogen production requires massive and very expensive infrastructure. Producing hydrogen through things like electrolysis is extremely expensive and requires a lot of power and water.

The Solution:

Cheap, Clean, Low Power, Recycled Water
and Low Impact

Gold H2 can produce massive volumes of extremely low carbon hydrogen by converting depleted oil and gas reservoirs into hydrogen production assets.

The infrastructure for producing Gold Hydrogen already exists. No need for 1000’s of acres of solar farms producing electricity that could otherwise go to the grid or massive facilities for producing hydrogen. By using Gold H2’s patented process, old fossil fuel reservoirs are converted into low carbon hydrogen production assets, which means no waste, no lost jobs, and no additional impact on the landscape or environment.

Eliminating Methane Leakage

At best, depleted oil and gas reservoirs are plugged and left behind, full of unused residual hydrocarbons; at worst, they leak methane and other greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. The environmental and economical tolls of these neglected assets can’t be overstated. But through the application of cutting-edge biotech, we can transform these former liabilities into profitable suppliers of extremely low-carbon hydrogen—empowering us to meet projected energy demands and environmental targets.

Ecological meets economical

Too often, organizations have to choose between the environment and their bottom line. Gold Hydrogen boasts the same low-carbon impact as green hydrogen but with a much lower production cost, allowing you to protect the planet and increase economic benefit.

Innovation with
Far-reaching effects

Hydrogen is the backbone of the cleantech industry. It can be used to make clean power, eFuels, eMethanol, clean ammonia, and many more productions and applications. Cheap, baseload, clean hydrogen offers the ability to accelerate entire derivative industries and transform the way we think about heating our homes, the fuels that power our world, the way we farm our crops, and the products we use in everyday life. Gold H2’s impact will be big, and it will be global.


Producing Gold Hydrogen

Gold Hydrogen combines natural systems and technological innovation, harnessing biological processes to convert leftover hydrocarbons from subsurface wells into usable hydrogen while capturing and storing CO2. What once would have been wasted becomes a viable, low-cost energy source with a climate-positive impact and countless applications.

The Impact:

Clean & Cost-Effective Hydrogen

The oil and gas industry has helped humans progress to where we are today. Now, it’s our turn to bring the industry into a greener future. With thousands of depleted oil wells in the US and more around the world, Gold Hydrogen represents a unique opportunity to work with the oil and gas industry—not against it—to move away from our reliance on fossil fuels and toward a cleaner tomorrow.

“We continue to believe that innovation and collaboration are critical to the future of hydrogen and the accomplishment of private and public carbon emission reduction goals. Cemvita has a unique approach to this, and we are pleased to partner with another application that is likely to utilize Chart hydrogen and cryogenic equipment.”

Jill Evanko
CEO of Chart Industries