The Gold Hydrogen

Using the innate intelligence of natural systems and the power of science, we’re transforming unrecovered oil and depleted assets into biologically produced hydrogen to ease the clean energy transition for our partners and the planet. It’s time to recover the lost value of your reservoirs. It’s time to renew your commitment to a cost-effective, climate-positive future.

What We Do

Gold Hydrogen is a novel source of cost-effective and clean hydrogen that is generated biologically in the subsurface of depleted oil reservoirs. By utilizing existing oil and gas infrastructure we will be able to produce hydrogen at commercial scale economically at a low carbon intensity.

Gold Hydrogen vs Electrolysis:

A big question gold H2 needed to answer was: well is it actually clean? It’s made underground and coming out of old oil wells, can it really be clean?

To answer the question, we worked with Argonne National Laboratory to run the numbers. The result: turns out our process is clean!! Not only do we use significantly less power than electrolysis, but we also don’t use 30-40 liters of water per kg of hydrogen. It turns out we are just about on par with green hydrogen, and far superior in carbon intensity to blue hydrogen.


Less Power used
Compared to Electrolysis


Less Surface
Disruption/Land Use


Cost Reduction Compared
To Electrolysis


Water Recycling

Our Team

Our multidisciplinary team of scientists, engineers, and industry veterans has allowed us not only to develop a technology that will be hugely beneficial, but to also understand and execute on the deployment in a safe, environmentally friendly, and responsible manner.

Prab Sekhon
Zach Broussard
John Koch
Murray Rogers
Chief Geologist
Michael Samuel
Application and Scale Up
TJ Tidwell
Head of Subsurface Microbiology
Alicia Dinges
Business Development
Renata Goncalves
Research Scientist
Raja Ramanthan
Research Scientist
Addien Wray
Research Scientist
Aaron Trevino
Research Assistant
Abigail Colbert
Research Assistant